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Some of Our Mental Health Partners

Some of Our Mental Health Partners

Our Story

Originally established as Toronto Psychometric Services (circa 2011), Psychology Group was created to support clinics, hospitals, and not-for-profit institutions with a wide range of psychological assessment services.

As the demand and waitlists for assessments grew, Psychology Group began offering hands-on workshops and continuing education to psychologists, therapists, and psychology students on the administration of the latest psychometric tests.

In 2019, with the goal of facilitating quicker access to qualified psychologists, Psychology Group opened its assessment clinic to the general public.

Today, Psychology Group continues to support clinics, hospitals, and not-for-profit institutions, is still providing hands-on workshops to mental health professionals, and has expanded its assessment clinic to service more communities in Ontario

"Psychology Group's mission has always been and always will be to give hope and a path to recovery and success for anyone affected by mental health adversities"

Christina Yuhanova, B.A. (Hons)
Founder - Psychology Group

"We look at a person as a whole and focus on integrating the information obtained in the assessment in a way that provides useful & meaningful recommendations for the real world"

Jason Ramsay, C.Psych.
Chief Psychologist - Psychology Group

"It's rewarding to see when a meaningful assessment brings people opportunities to thrive both personally and professionally"

Darko Giacomini, M.A.
Clinic Director - Psychology Group

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