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> Our Approach

Along with providing assessment administration services, we have a dedicated team of psychometricians who focus on the development and validation process, carrying out psychometric analyses of the instruments, providing statistical analyses and comprehensive reporting of large-scale assessment data while contributing to the drafting of reports and research notes to decision-makers, executive team members, and other stakeholders

> Industry-Leading Expertise in All Stages of Test Development

We offer process and impact evaluation by planning psychometric analyses required for validating assessment instruments. These include college admittance tests as well as professional licensure and certification examinations.

Our psychometric support services include but are not limited to:

  • Exploring empirical and theoretical factor structures
  • Implementing regression analytics within a variety of clinical diagnostic groups
  • Examining scale reliability
  • Developing and managing databases with automated data tracking and cleaning capabilities
  • Exploring innovative assessment validation paradigms to aide in the assessment design process through Cognitive Diagnostic Modelling, automatic item generation, and technologically enhanced items (TEIs)
  • Survey design, administration, analysis and reporting
  • Writing and reviewing technical and research reports involving psychometric analyses, test validity, and reliability

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