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Psychology Group is currently looking for psychometrists to conduct standardized psychometric tests to assess cognitive functioning, education level, learning difficulties, personality, quality of life, and vocational interests.

As a growing organization, we are presently seeking individuals with flexible schedules who are willing to travel and work on a part-time/casual consultant basis.  


  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology; Masters’s degree preferred
  • Experience administering and scoring psychological, psychovocational, neuropsychological and psychoeducational tests
  • Experience providing the supervising psychologists with written and/or verbal summary of test results and the client's performance and behaviour in diagnosis and treatment recommendations
  • Clinical experience working with clients/patients
  • Excellent written and communication skills
  • Ability to work within specific deadlines

Please include a list of tests you have experience administering and scoring

To apply for this position email your CV to jobs@psychologygroup.ca